The Importance of Being Idle Arnav's Armchair Analysis

About Me

Hi, I am Arnav, a software engineer.

If I'm not making really stupid jokes, or tweeting about my day-to-day observations, I'm probably working on something that I find exciting. If I find myself with free time after that, then I collect some thoughts on technology, “feels”, the universe and everything else, on my blog, The Importance of Being Idle.

Legend has it, that sometime in 2014, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore conferred onto me, a degree in Computer Science.

At NTU, I was the President of NTU Open Source Society, the resident hacker club. I was also the IT (Media) Officer of Computer Engineering Club, the Student Council of School Of Computer Engineering, where I was the Chief Editor of SCEne, the School's publication. You can also find some of my work in the Technology section in the old editions of The Tribune, the monthly campus newspaper, where I previously served as Layout Editor, Webmaster, and manager of all its online content.

Professionally, I worked at Zendesk for three years on the team behind Zendesk Chat. Before that, I interned at IBM Singapore Software Labs, where I worked on some really cool mobile stuff.

I have been a United follower for most of my life and an Oasis believer who is waiting for the day they reunite. I'm also a Quicksilver enthusiast and a collector of keychains, empty refills of a specific brand and really bad jokes. When I am not doing any of the things mentioned above, I try to further my interests as a Web and iOS developer. I built dBauggle, a word game catering to children with special needs, giving them a level playing field to play word games. I have a couple of Apps in the pipeline that I think will excite some people. I'll talk more about them when they're ready.

Apart from forking my stuff on GitHub, you can tweet at me, email me, or even contact me on Skype. I have a largely inactive Facebook account and a LinkedIn profile for “professional” stuff.

Thanks for dropping by.